Tuition Teaching Minds to Reason, Hearts to Discern, and Hands to Serve

Enrollment Fees for New Students

Application Fee: $100 - Non-Refundable

Due when application is submitted
One-time fee per student

Maintenance Fee: $100

This fee assists in supporting the teachers with supplies and other items essential for teaching.

Tuition Deposit: $250

Please remember, student's position on the class roster cannot be held until deposit is received.

Remaining Tuition: $1900

The remaining tuition is available in a payment plan of $190 per month over a 10 month time period.
Payment plan option must begin no later than the first day of school.

Multi-Child Discount:

We are pleased to offer a 20% discount on the third child's tuition. A 25% discount is given to the fourth child in the family and each one thereafter.

First & Second Child's Tuition - $250 deposit + $1,900 = $2,150 (each)
Third Child Tuition w/discount - $2,150 - $430 (-20%) = $1,720
Fourth Child Tuition w/discount - $2,150 - $537.50 (-25%) = $1,612.50

Application and Maintenance Fees still apply.