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Guadalupe Diaz

Guadalupe is the Spanish teacher at Truth Academy. Guadalupe was born in Guadalajara Mexico, in 1977, a beautiful city with nice weather all year round, well known for its Mariachis.

She is the youngest of five children and the only girl. Guadalupe's mother was a stay at home mom, with a charming smile and easy going temperament. Her father, an engineer, built houses until sickness knocked on door, and he had to learn to live with epilepsy.

Guadalupe remembers a fun childhood. Although she grew up without televions or computers, she had great friends and they used their imaginations while spending a lot of time outside. During the summers she and her family sold cupcakes door to door as they were saving to go to Disney!

Guadalupe received her Bachelor's in business from the "Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara" while working for a non profit organization. In 2001 she took a year off to study English in California where she met and, four years later, married, her husband Alvaro. Guadalupe and Alvaro have four children--all girls.

After moving from California and living in Dallas for 10 years, Guadalupe and her family moved to Springfield and have been enjoying ithe clean air, big spaces and beautiful lakes. She is looking forward to her first year as the spanish teacher at Truth Academy.

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