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Deb Laws

This is Deb's 4th year of teaching Spanish at Truth Academy!
Deb grew up in a Christian home in Iowa where her parents instilled in her the belief that real living was in Jesus. That kind of encouragement led her to ask Jesus to be my Savior at eight years old. God called her to Himself and later directed her into the teaching ministry.

God has given Deb the opportunity to teach in public school (3 years/jr. high), a missionary school (3 years, multiple ages and subjects), a Spanish seminary in Madrid and within the church in various aspects of Christian Education.
Currently she is pleased and thankful to serve at Crossway Baptist church in kids’ ministry on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Deb enjoys camping, people, Max Lucado, kids, Diet Coke, Scrabble, candles, decorating her apartment for Christmas, speaking a lot of Spanish and the color red! She loves Jesus and loves knowing that the Almighty God is also Father God Deb also loves being in ministry to serve the Father and the ones He loves.

She is grateful to share in the teaching ministry of Truth with a staff that loves God, kids and teaching.

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